Erlin Amaya

Erlin Amaya

During the past few years I've been dedicated to help people to achieve their professional objectives such as get a new job, improve their personal brand, effective use of linkedin, etc.

I'd love to help you grow on your professional career! You can schedule a 1 on 1 coaching session with me, or receive one of the many online courses that we have created along with my team! (all courses in spanish)

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me by PM or at


My experience includes:

8 years teaching (also abroad) and as an invited speaker for different events.

3 years working and volunteering for an International NGO in Guatemala, Panamá and Colombia working in different areas such as Marketing, Public Relations, Education, Recruiting, Communication and Human Development with people from over 50 countries. This experience has allowed me to develop skills such as: Team and Project Management, goals achievement, planning, public speaking, coaching, and more.

I started a career as Headhunter and now as a Career Coach at Orange Talent Group, We help people to discover their talents, build their career, and get their dream job! "We change lives one job at a time".

My Strengths:

- Highly proactive
- Extremely creative
- Having a sense of humour and calmness, even in highly stressful situations
- Creating a nice working enviroment lead cooperation and teamwork.
- Self managed
- Being infectiously positive and highly productive
- Having very BIG IDEAS

I'm always up for new challenges and growth opportunities! Please feel free to e-mail or PM me!


Internacionalista, maestra, hablo español, inglés e italiano. Amo el arte, la literatura, la política, las relaciones interpersonales y la diversidad cultural.

+(502) 5794 9555

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